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Unique features.

Image by Oliur

Integrated video calls and chat.

Trikaan supports full VoIP calling directly within the store window. This allows for live support, guided tours and the ability to visit a shop with your friends.

Stores can have live support inside the space, who can guide shoppers to their favorite items.You can send the link to the store to your friends, and they can join you live to help you decide between two products!

Works on all devices.

Our web based XR platform works on pretty much everything from desktops to smartphones and even most VR headsets!

Trikaan stores optimize themselves based on the device they are being viewed on, offering multiple navigations modes and features across all devices.

Screenshot 2021-01-27 152731.jpg
Image by Nick Morrison

E-Commerce support.

When you click on a product, a popup appears showing product details, links, images, reviews and of course a 'buy now' button that links it directly to your site and E-Commerce platform.

We also offer custom E-Commerce platforms that are embedded within the store, depending on your requirements. Contact us for more details.

3D products.

We can scan or 3D model most products so that your users can see what they look like from all angles. This also includes animations of how the product works, it's interiors and different colour schemes.

3D models have realistic lighting and textures to accurately represent your actual products and features.

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Awesome Augmented Reality.

What to see how a TV will fit on your shelf? No problem! The same products you see in the virtual store can be magically placed inside your real-world spaces.

This is a mobile functionality, all you need to do is click the AR button on a 3D product. This will open your camera and overlay it directly on what you are seeing with it.

Contactless experience

In today's times, people are careful about who they come into contact with. Physical stores are still risky so people frequently avoid going to them.

Trikaan provides the pleasure and convenience of physical shopping without having to come into actual contact with anyone.

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